Best Full Face Snorkel Mask of 2021 Complete Reviews

Best Full Face Snorkel Mask Reviews

Diving into the water and exploring the world underwater is an adventure as well as fun. To ensure that you remain safe and it remains a fun adventure, it is important that you wear the right equipment. Breathing is the major challenge that we face underwater, a snorkeling mask helps to breathe and allows you to stay and enjoy the underwater world for a longer period of time.

With life on the line, one cannot go wrong with the choice of snorkeling mask. To help you make the right choice in choosing the best Snorkeling mask, we have explored the various snorkeling masks and have come up with the 5 best snorkeling masks for 2019 that are currently available in the market. Go through this review and check out the best full face snorkel masks and other options that have made the cut.

Top 5 Full Face Snorkel Mask Comparison Chart

best full face snorkel mask
Wild Horn Outfitters Sea view 180° Go Pro Compatible Snorkel Mask
180° full view mask with a fog-resistant design by Wild horn. Its dry snorkel technology prevents gagging and provides you safety. Available in multiple color options, this mask has an easy to use design.
best snorkel mask
Ranersports 180° Go Pro Compatible Full face Snorkel mask
A hassle-free design offers the best option for leisure snorkeling. It offers a full face 180° panoramic view. The adjustable straps secure the masks comfortably. Comes with an option Go Pro mount and is available in 6 colors.
 full face snorkel mask
Cressi Scuba Diving Snorkeling Free diving Mask
It features a frame less mask with single lens design, ideal for both snorkeling and scuba diving. It has an ultra -clear lens made of tempered glass for more durability. It offers comfortable low volume design which comes in 10 various color options
best full face snorkel mask
SUBSEA Tribord Snorkeling mask
The full face snorkeling mask from Decathlon offers the largest viewing surface. It comes in a cool blue color with the design perfectly fitting the face. Has an anti-fog and anti-leak design. The mask design allows for natural breathing through either nose or mouth.
best full face snorkel mask
Swonder 180° Panoramic Sea View Full Face Snorkel Mask
The 180° degree panoramic view design provides a wide range of underwater view. It comes with an action camera mount and a warning top. This tubeless snorkeling set provides for free breathing. Has an anti-fog and anti-leak design.

Full Face Snorkel Mask Reviews

Properly designed and safe snorkeling masks ensure to have a good and safe experience of underwater view and diving. We understand the importance of choosing the right snorkeling masks and after extensive research have come up with our suggestions of the 5 best snorkeling masks that you could check out.

1. Wild Horn Outfitters Sea view 180° Go Pro Compatible Snorkel Mask

The Outfitters Sea view 180 from Wild horn is one of the best Full face snorkel masks that are currently available. Its design helps to have an unhindered full panoramic view of underwater life. This is ideal for surface snorkeling as a leisure activity helping to spend more amount of time underwater. This full face mask is especially suited for those who do not like to breathe in through a tube in the mouth.

Product Highlights

Wild horn’s Outfitters Sea view 180 comes with a full face design, making it easier to breathe through either the nose or the mouth. The 180° view provided by this mask is one of the biggest in the market. It comes with a Go pro mount, using which you can attach a Go Pro and capture the underwater life. Dry Water technology prevents seawater from coming into the mouth and gagging you. The Fog resistant design ensures that the glass is not fogged and you have an unhindered view. The mask is designed such that it is easy to use and handle. This is ideal for leisure snorkeling and not suited for deep sea diving.

What We Like About Wild horn’s Outfitter Sea view 180°

One of the best features that we like about the mask is the larger view that it offers. The 180° panoramic view is the best that you can find in the market. Apart from the great view, the mark also has good safety features. Dry water technology ensures that the seawater does not enter the mouth. Further, the integrated design with go pro mount helps to easily attach the Go Pro camera. It also has a simplistic design which allows for ease of use.

What We Did not Like About Wild horn’s Outfitter Sea view 180°

What we observed is that sometimes it could get quite tough breathing in the mask.

Best Scuba Mask

  • ​Larger area view
  • ​Integrated design for mounting Go Pro
  • ​Prevents water to enter the mouth
  • ​Can be hard to breathe
  • ​Can be used only for leisure snorkeling

2. Ranersports 180° Go Pro Compatible Full face Snorkel mask

The Ranersports 180° Full face Snorkel masks facilitate hassle-free breathing underwater. This is ideally suited for beginners who have just started to snorkel or swim underwater. There is no need to have a pipe in the mouth while breathing making it convenient for the new snorkelers. The panoramic 180° design offers the best of underwater view.

Product Highlights

The full face mask allows for breathing through the nose or mouth. It has a 180° view which facilitates viewing a larger area under water. It has a free breathing design which is further aided by dry water technology that prevents the water from getting into the mouth. The anti-fog feature helps to have an unhindered view. Furthermore, the crystal silicone material and the adjustable elastic straps make it comfortable to wear. It comes with an optional GO Pro Mount. The purge wave technology helps you to breathe comfortably under the water.

What We Like About Renersports 180° Full face Snorkel Mask

There are multiple features that make the mask one of the best full face snorkel mask that is available. The simplistic design and breathing features make it an ideal option for beginners. It also has good safety features like Dry water technology that prevents water from entering the mouth thereby preventing gagging. The elastic strips ensure that the mask is secured to the face leaving no gaps. No fog technology further ensures a clear view.

What We Do Not Like About Renersports 180° Full face Snorkel mask

As is the case with most of the full face masks, it could get tough to breathe especially for someone who is not used to them.

Best Dive Mask

  • ​Simple design
  • ​Good safety features
  • ​Effortless breathing
  • ​Clear and larger view
  • ​Breathing can be tough when not used to it

3. Cressi Scuba Diving Snorkeling Freediving Mask

Best things come in little packages and this diving mask by Cressi is one such thing. This is a frameless mask, the type which is a preferred choice by most of the divers as it offers an easy option to carry around. The single lens design offers a comfortable view. The multiple features of this mask make it one of the best dive masks which can be used for both snorkeling and scuba diving.

Product Highlights

It is a frameless mask and has a single lens design. The tempered glass lens makes it more durable. The ultra clear lens offers more visibility. It has a low volume design and the mask skit sits in comfortably on the face. It has safety features like the anti-splash top, dry top design and the special valves that seal the tubes when submerged. It further has additional features like easy clear plunge valve, a quick release snorkel keeper and a corrugated smooth bore lower tube.

What We Like About Cressi Scuba Diving Snorkeling Freediving mask

The multiple functionalities of the mask make it an ideal choice for diving. The features not only make it one of the best scuba masks but are also ideal for snorkeling and free diving. The simplistic design makes it easy to wear and carry around. Further, the safety features on the mask ensure free and safe breathing under the water. The special valves seal the tubes and prevent any water from entering into the mask. The smooth internal bore further helps in prevention of any water being trapped in the mask.

What We Don’t Like About Cressi Scuba Diving Snorkeling Freediving mask

Based on our experience we could observe that the mask fogs and obstructs the view. Furthermore, it’s the price is on the higher end when compared to the features it offers.

  • ​Design suitable for scuba diving, snorkeling and free diving
  • ​Simple design to vary around
  • ​Safety features
  • ​The lens gets fogged
  • ​Is expensive in comparison to the features

4. SUBSEA Tribord Snorkeling mask

This is one the best full face snorkel mask that is available, which is backed up by the regular good reviews and ratings by many users. The mask is designed by Decathlon and offers a 180° panoramic view. The mask is particularly noted for its effective anti-fog technology.

Product Highlights

The mask has a 180° Full face panoramic view, which is also the largest viewing area that is offered by any makes currently available in the market. It facilitates easy and natural breathing through the mouth and nose, removing any need for the use of a tube to breathe. It has Anti-fog technology that prevents the fogging up the mirror thereby removing any obstruction in the view. The Anti-leak technology helps to have a watertight seal on the masks and prevents any water from entering the mask. To further ensure that you are safeguarded from the water, the Dry Top snorkel system mitigates the entry of water from the top.

What We Like About Subsea Tribord Snorkeling mask

One feature that makes it the best snorkel mask is the wide area of visibility that it provides. The breathing mechanism is easy and provides a natural way of breathing through the nose and the mouth. The Anti-fog technology is another best feature; the exclusive air circulation feature prevents any formation of fog. The mask is watertight sealed and prevents any water from entering.

What We Do Not Like About Subsea Tribod Snorkeling mask

The full face mask does not fit well with faces of all sizes. The valve can fail sometimes when there is more water.

Best Snorkel Mask

  • ​180 panoramic view offering a larger viewing area
  • ​Anti-fog technology
  • ​Watertight design
  • ​Not ideal for all faces
  • ​Has issues with breathing

5. Swonder 180° Panoramic Sea View Full Face Snorkel Mask

This full face masks from Swonder offers an unhindered and broad view of underwater life. With good safety features, it ensures that the mask remains secured from any water entering and protects. Furthermore, it has a bright orange top which ensures that others can spot you easily.

Product Highlights

The mask provides maximum clarity and a larger view. It has a separate air flow mechanism that prevents any fog from forming. The Anti-leak technology in the mask prevents any water leakage into the mask. In case the water enters the mask, you can remove it through the chin valve. It comes with a bright orange top which makes it visible and allows others to easily spot you. The dry top design stops the water from entering into the snorkel and prevents any chocking. The easy-breathing design helps to breathe naturally through the mouth or the nose. The Mask is watertight sealed and prevents the entry of water. In those few instances where the water enters the mask, you can still remove it easily.

What We Like About Swonder 180 Panoramic sea view Snorkel mask

The safety feature of having an orange top makes it an interesting option to opt for. The view on using this mask covers a larger area. The safety features of the mask are also of the highest quality with it being tightly sealed to prevent any leakages.

What We Do Not Like About Swonder 180 Panoramic Sea view Snorkel Mask

Under heavy water pressure, the mask can start to leak. It also causes issues with breathing.

Best Snorkeling Mask

  • ​Larger view
  • ​Orange visibility mark on top
  • ​Watertight seal
  • ​ Scope of leakage
  • ​Tough to breathe

Full Face Snorkel Mask Buyer’s Guide

Full face snorkel masks are preferred as they ensure a larger area to view. Here are a few tips that we suggest that you look out for, to ensure that you buy the best full face snorkeling mask.


Check for curved lenses which provide you with a 180-degree view. Ensure that the frame does not affect your view.

Water Barrier

Ideally, the mask seals your face and prevents any scope of water entering your mask. Check out for the additional water barrier features in the mask like water seal valves, water evacuation system etc.


Since you would be in the water and with the pressure involved, there is a scope that the fog is formed and obstructing your view through the glass lens. Check for mechanisms in the masks which prevent the fog from forming.


The full faced masks do not have the option of breathing through a tube. Hence check for the compatibility of natural breathing. Using a reliable brand who have tested in various water depth would help to ensure the mask facilitates breathing even undersea.

Full Face Snorkel Mask FAQs

Can Full Faced Masks be Used For Scuba Diving?

The masks are ideal for snorkeling. Scuba diving involves greater depths and there are very few masks which can be sued for that.

Can The Masks be Worn With a Beard?

The full faced masks would suit in better for clean-shaven faces.

Can a Camera Like Go Probe Attach?

Few masks have extensions built-in design which would allow attaching the Go Pro cam.

Does The Mask Fit All Face Sizes?

The full face masks are suited for medium-sized faces as they are sealed around the face. Few masks provide adjustable options.

Final Verdict

Full face masks offer a wider view of the underwater life when compared to other diving face masks, making them one of the best options of being the best snorkeling mask. Apart from this, another reason for the preference is that you can breathe naturally using these masks and there is no need for a tube in the mouth or additional breathing support. Most of the full-faced mask does tend to be sealed tightly to ensure that the water does not flow in. However, the major challenges with most of the full-faced mask are that they do cause challenges with the breathing, which can be a risky affair especially when under the water. Another challenge is that these masks cannot be used for deep diving and is more for leisure purpose. We have provided the options that we consider to be the best full face mask in the market; you can identify the best features of them and choose the one which suits you the best.

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