How to Clean Snorkel Mask: No more Hassle at All

How to Clean Snorkel Mask

Lots of sports are there which people like to play nowadays so if you are interested in water sports you can buy the best snorkel mask. There are many websites that are selling these masks so you can always place an order and enjoy the snorkeling. If you are lucky enough you might be able to grab the discount facility as well and get the product in a comparatively lower rate. It is not just enough to buy the best snorkel mask it is equally important to clean the same on regular basis in order to increase its life.

Things Required in Order to Clean

You will need a good quality brush, a big bottle of vinegar, a big bucket, lemon juice one glass, one bucket warm water and a clean cloth.

Clean the Snorkel Mask: Use Vinegar for It

If you will not clean the mask regularly you will not be able to maintain the hygiene. Thus, it is equally important to clean the mask with vinegar. You can take vinegar in a big bucket and add a little bit of lemon juice as well. After this, you need to dismantle the snorkel as well as mask and dip both in the mixture of vinegar and lemon for a few minutes. After a few minutes, you can add hot water to it so that all the things are cleaned in a proper manner. Remember cleaning scuba gear with vinegar is the best solution in order to clean it. A good quality brush is also required so that after an hour you can brush the extra dirt that is deposited on it. If you are cleaning it on a regular basis you will see that the snorkel and the mask will last longer. Whether it is an old snorkel mask or the new one it surely required cleaning.

After brushing is completed once again you need to clean it with hot water. Now you can wipe it with a good and soft cloth. Ensure that not a single drop of water is left on it. The last step would be to keep it in sunlight for at least half an hour. After half an hour you can pack the snorkel mask in a bag and take it out when you need it. Try to keep it in a safe place so that heavy item does not fall on it. It is recommended that each time you use it, you need to follow all the steps it possible. If you are not able to follow all the steps then you need to at least put some soft detergent and soak the snorkel mask for half an hour and wipe the same properly.

Clean Old Snorkel Mask Properly

How to Clean Old Snorkel Mask

You also need to clean your old mask as well, as it really needs a lot of care. So, do not ignore cleaning the old one if you have it. Those who are eager to know how to clean old snorkel mask need not bother as you need to follow all the steps that are mentioned above.

Proper Method to Clean Yellowed Snorkel Mask

If you notice that there are some yellow stains on the mask there is no need to worry as there is a way out for it. Keep the below-mentioned things handy.

1. Small Towel
2. Soapy water
3. Toothpaste
4. Defogger solution
5. Clean water

There are a total of three stages when cleaning is required.

1 After Purchase
2. before use
3. after snorkeling

After Purchase Method to Clean

Try to apply the toothpaste and run it on the lens of the snorkel mask. This is going to remove all the stains as well as filing on it. The entire lens needs to be rubbed gently with the index finger and the rubbing needs to be done inside as well as outside both. Let it sit for three to four minutes and let the warm water flow through it. Wipe it off with a soft towel. Still, if you are able to see the minute stains you can repeat the whole procedure again.

Before Snorkeling

Take defogger and put a few drops on the mask’s lenses on the inside. Rub it properly with your fingers. After this, you can rinse it with warm water. Ensure that thin film still remains on the lens.

After Snorkeling

Clean it with warm soapy water so that all the salt that is deposited on it is removed completely. Now rinse with fresh so that no soap is left. Do not forget to wipe the lenses properly at the end. Place its cover and so that you get it easily when you wish to use it next time. If you take proper care of your snorkel mask it will surely last long and you will need not to spend money on buying the new mask again.

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