Ocean Reef Aria Full Face Snorkel Mask Review

Aria Snorkel Mask Review

Ocean Reef Aria Full Face Snorkel Mask: QUICK OVERVIEW


Ease of use



What We Like

  • ​No discomfort of mouth and jaw
  • ​Different vented air channels
  • ​Weigh only 800 grams
  • ​Easy to carry
  • ​Go pro Mount feature used as selfie stick
  • ​Great fit
  • ​Comes in different sizes
  • ​Reliable and safe
  • ​Night snorkeling system
  • ​Ball float system
  • ​Better Visibility
  • ​Suitable for long distance divers.
  • ​Easy breathing through nose and mouth
  • ​Comes in a variety of colors.

What We Don't Like

  • ​It may harm the nose
  • ​Not suitable with eye wear
  • ​Not Suitable for swimming laps

Snorkel mask is basically for those people who want to swim for a long distance on the surface without getting the head out of the water to breathe. With my experience and my love for diving and after using a number of masks I have found Aria snorkel mask as the best and today will provide you with Aria Snorkel mask review.

With Aria snorkel mask it gets very easy to breathe through your nose and mouth, it even prevents from water and does not let the water go into the snorkel. With this, you can just enjoy your ride comfortably. It does fit with everyone’s face as it comes in different sizes. It does not allow fogging on the mask as it has a feature of fresh air venting.

It has a completely dry snorkel on the top of the mask and does not let the water get into the mask. It does provide night snorkeling and added visibility. In comparison to other masks, it comes with a wide variety of range and colors.

Aria snorkel mask is a full face snorkeling mask and comes in different sizes. It is renowned for its great fit and comfort. This product is mainly known for its features like drain value, ball float system, its added visibility, night snorkeling system, camera holder and many more.

Who is this Product for?

This product is designed for divers to dive with great comfort.

What’s Included?

The mask comes with some accessories like:

Marker wings: Helps in better recognition of snorkelers under the water as it comes in different colors.

Camera holder: It does come with a camera holder which can be attached to the mask to make videos easily.

Additional straps: Additional straps are given with masks with different color options.

Overview of Features

Aria Snorkel Mask Reviews

Aria snorkel mask has a feature of Drain Valve which means it has a drain valve also, as in case water enters the mask, so this option can drain the water as soon as come above the water. It also has a Ball float system as in, in case it gets submerged, this feature does not let water get inside the mask. And also provides a better Vision and provide a 180 degrees angle vision. With this mask, you can do natural breathing through nose and mouth.

How to use Ocean Reef Aria Snorkel Mask

When you get your mask check to ensure there is no hole between the base of the cover and your jaw. This is the most well-known reason behind the mask letting in water. On the off chance that your finger can discover a hole, at that point return it for a smaller size.

To put the cover on, dismantle the elasticized ties to each side and put it on chin first.

Prior to swimming out of the blue, ensure you are loose and work on breathing out of the water first. When you’re alright with this, submerge your head.

You may discover you inhale too rapidly in the first place, yet this should moderate and turn out to be progressively normal as you unwind.


There are a number of brands available in the market which makes masks, so in case you are facing some issues with Aria snorkel mask, you can definitely try Tribord easy breath. It does provide all the features just like Aria snorkel mask.

Final Verdict

To provide with Aria Snorkel mask review, it has been observed that Aria snorkel mask is made with high-quality materials, well-designed mask and comfortable fit, it is considered as one of the best masks to use for divers. These masks have silicone which is transparent colored and helps in giving the best possible view. Aria snorkel mask is made by professionals and is worth buying for.

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